Viral Marketing, the Quickest Way to Reach People

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Companies across the world are indulging in viral marketing these days. Film studios, celebrities and even news corporations are relying on viral marketing to reach out to the largest possible target audience. One would imagine viral marketing to be an outcome of the social network and social media phenomena but that is not the case. Viral marketing has existed for a far longer time.

Many companies, particularly advertising agencies, have used viral marketing since 1980’s and the technique was widely endorsed and used across the world by late 1990’s. The basic concept of viral marketing was that an idea or a message could spread like a virus and if a product, service or information can be shared or presented in a manner that it can spread like a virus then an unprecedented number of people will take notice of it.

The Concept of Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a technique in which you can reach millions of people within hours and you can market your product or everything you want to be public. I’ve seen many celebrities like Vin Diesel who sometime update his status on his social profiles with amazing attitude status quotes and in seconds his status gone viral with million likes, comments and shares. The concept is to market yourself to the right audience and rest people will do it.

In the present day context, viral marketing has become the single prong strategy for many companies, across industry spectrum’s. Social networks and social media have become the harbinger for viral marketing because of its phenomenal reach across the world, to billions of people and that too in real time. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram among others have made viral marketing easier and affordable for all and sundry. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, viral marketing was dependent on television commercials, radio broadcasts, billboards and print media with the frequent use of mass scale flyers and brochures. Television, radio and print as well as larger than life billboards at strategic points were not something that every company or individual could afford. But the open platforms of social networks and social media that do not cost a cent to be on have made viral marketing a potential weapon for all and sundry.

Companies across the world are buying Facebook likes to establish the popularity of a post or a profile. Twitter followers are being bought to get more followers and to create a larger target audience that can be reached in real time and at any time. YouTube views are a surefire indicator of popularity hence that is driving many companies to buy sufficient YouTube views that can kick start a viral marketing campaign. Right from Instagram likes to comments on Facebook and more, viral marketing is more doable than before and certainly more affordable. Given the efficacy and phenomenal returns of viral marketing today, it is no surprise that most companies consider it to be the latest mantra for success.