How to Resolve Skype Username, find ip Address of any Skype User Easily

skype auto resolver

Skype is a free instant Messenger where you can easily send text messages, audio or video calling services. You can also use Skype messenger to share documents and images as well. The core feature of Skype is that you can enjoy free audio and video conference calling as well.

Basically Skype is a freeware instant messenger as everyone can enjoy most of its services absolutely free. All of its services are free until you are trying to communicate via Skype to Skype messenger. If you want to send text messages or want to call on any mobile or landline number anywhere in the world, you have to purchase its subscription and credit balance. Overall Skype is still the best instant messenger in the world and more than 30 million people are enjoying Skype’s services for free.

Why you should know How to Resolve Skype Username?

As Skype is a free instant messenger, many people use it to spread spam etc. So if you want to keep your Skype account safe and secure you must know the tips about extracting ip address from any online Skype user. Creating and managing a database about the Skype ip addresses. Recently one of my friend told me that someone is threatening him on Skype and he want to get rid of him so We decide to do some research about getting any info from the suspected person and we’ve finally manage to find a website which allow free services about Skype ip resolver. We’ve extracted the ip address of the person who threatens my friend and file a case against him

Resolve Skype Username from easily is a very famous website which provide free and reliable services about extracting ip address of any Skype user. It is a must condition that the person, who’s ip you want to extract must be online. Here is a brief step by step tutorial about how to resolve Skype ip address.

  1. Log in to Your Skype instant messenger.
  2. Check if you desired person is online or not.
  3. If he is online than right click on his profile and copy his Skype username from there.
  4. After that go to
  5. Put your desired Skype username.
  6. Fill in the Captcha ode before submit the form.
  7. After that click on Resolve.
  8. That’s it when the page refresh, you will get complete details of ip address you were looking.

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