Gaming Memes are Funniest of them All

gaming memes

Gaming memes are a specialized genre of memes aimed towards the gaming public. They involve popular games, and make relatable memes that only people who have played those games can truly understand and appreciate. Take this meme on the left as an example. EA Sports FIFA is a very well known and popular football game. But it’s not perfect, as any FIFA gamer will tell you.

There are glitches and a few bugs in the game that make it…let’s say, a bit more interesting. From players “kissing”, to strange body movements, FIFA has a lot of funny incidents. The above meme would have come from one player slide tackling the other from behind. As the player who has been tackled falls down, it has resulted in a strange, and sexual-looking position of both players.

Let’s take a look at another gaming meme. The “Xbox Achievement” meme is relate-able to those who understand that you can unlock achievements by doing certain things within a game. The achievements range in difficulty. And for a true gamer, this achievement may be the hardest of them all. To make fun of an achievement being unlocked by going outside for more than a minute might seem boring to most of you. However, in the eyes of a gamer, this is very relate-able and funny on many levels.

Remember the Pokemon Go phase back in 2016? There were a lot of great memes about it. But there just seems to be something strange about a 30 year old running around catching Pokemon from a children’s cartoon. That’s why the “Robin Pokemon Master” works so well.

Most of us know of Batman and Robin. They superheroes that fight crime and save Gotham City. This is an iconic meme taken from the Batmon comics. Robin says something so ridiculous that Batman slaps him across the face for it. It relates to the gaming memes because even though Pokemon Go was a big hit, there were still many people finding the idea of adults catching Pokemon ridiculous.

So, overall, the gaming memes are a great source of relatable content to the geek, nerd and gaming population. They provide specialized imagery, word play and scenes that only a select few will be able to truly appreciate. For more gaming memes, and other funny relatable memes, check out