7 Proven Tactics to Get More YouTube Subscribers

how to increase youtube subscribers

Here are some recent YouTube stats to blow your mind away: Over 9 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute in 2016, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on Earth. In other words, YouTube is a powerhouse and every marketers should be taking advantage of this massive opportunity. But getting a piece of this massive pie is not always easy, especially when you are starting out.

How to Increase Targeted Subscribers on YouTube

Here are 7 proven tactics to exploded your subscribers and views, no matter what you are offering:

1) The Power of Annotations

Annotations are those little pop-ups with text that you can see on mostly any video on YouTube. Annotations are one of those features that can be very powerful if used properly and very distracting and annoying for users if done incorrectly. Here are some best practices for annotations:Use them sparingly – one to three annotations (depending on the length of the video is more than enough.Use annotations as calls to action – display a call to action towards the end of the video. You can direct visitors to your website, to another video or ask them to subscribe to your channel. Calls to action can increase click through rates by up to 300%Use the same font, style and colors if you are using more than one annotation. Having a consistent look between your annotations will avoid getting your viewers distracted and your videos looking like ransom notes. Use secondary keywords – YouTube can read and understand the text in your annotations so they use that as part of their algorithm in determining for what keywords your videos should rank for. I have seen videos rank for keywords only mentioned in annotations.

2) Calls To Action

If you want to direct the viewers’ actions in a specific direction (ex: subscribing to your channel or visiting your website), calls to action are essential. As mentioned above, you should use calls to action in your annotations.You should end each video with a strong call to action. This is going to be last content that your viewers will see so this is the moment where you need to direct their actions the most. You can put a simple slide/picture asking them to subscribe to your channel or visit your website. You can use a generic one across all your videos or personalize each video with its own call to action.Arrows work great with end-of–video calls to action. Not everyone knows how to subscribe to a channel so an arrow pointing towards the subscription button will direct their attention to it.You can use the same technique to direct the viewer’s attention towards a link in your description that you want them to click.When it comes to calls to action, there is no one size fits all solution so test different versions, follow your analytics and figure out which one works best for your type of videos and your audience.

3) YouTube Buttons On Your Website

Adding links to your YouTube channel and videos on your website can bring you a lot of views and subscribers if your blog is getting a lot of traffic.Add a button linking to your channel along with your other social media buttons. Best places for these are on the sidebar, in the footer or the top right side of your header.Use a sidebar widget asking visitors to subscribe to your channel. You can use this widget as it is simple and easy to install.You should also test embedding a featured video in your sidebar or footer. Keep in mind that it can slow down the load time of your website which can hurt your SEO rankings. There are a lot of WordPress themes that support featured videos without the slowing down of page load so emulate them for best results.

4) Cross Promote With Other Channels

Partnering with others in your market can add value (and views) to both sides. Adding “Featured Channels” to your own channel is a great way to cross promote with your partners.It is pretty simple to get started: navigate to your channel and click on “Other Channels” on the right.Add the channels of your partners and ask them to do the same for you. If you have more than one channel, you can use this space to cross promote between your own channels.If you are just starting out and or you haven’t found anyone to cross promote with this is a great tactic to get the attention of possible partners. Add a couple of channels you would like to partner with and send them some traffic and views. Leverage the fact that you have added them to your channel and contact them to discuss partnering and cross promotion opportunities. I’ve seen a guy who use Whatsapp to increase his subscribers and with this strategy he manage to achieve 1k subscribers in just 10 days. All he done is to share his Whatsapp info with the people he interacts on YouTube. When he came to know that he is getting a great response regarding his decision to share his Whatsapp with people than he start update his status for Whatsapp messenger with very unique way. Sometimes he update his status with amazing  friendship quotes.

5) User Engagement Tracking

A successful YouTube campaign starts with an engaging video.YouTube provides lots of analytics and reports and you can extract some very important information from this data. The one that I consider the most important is “Audience Retention”.This graph will show you how engaging your videos are and how long viewers are watching them. In the example above, the average view duration is about 17 seconds or about 53% (the video is 31 seconds long). This means that the average viewer is not getting to the end of the video so if you have a call to action there or some important information, half of the viewers won’t see it at all.This information is invaluable as we now know that there is a problem and can figure out a way to correct it. Adding annotations would be the easiest to start with. You can also consider re-doing the entire video and making it more engaging.YouTube provides this attention data for every video on your channel so by comparing your different videos you can see what is working best for your audience or spot recurring attention retention problems.

6) Create Personalized Videos

This is a tactic I borrowed from an “Old Spice” campaign that went viral and doubled their sales.After a very successful couple of commercials, the marketers from Old Spice crated a total of 162 short, personalized videos answering customer questions submitted via Twitter. It took them a total of 2 days to record all of them.You can do the same for your customers just by using a smart phone camera (or the one on your computer) and a microphone.

7) Consistency

The biggest factor in growing a large audience on YouTube is being consistent. All of the most popular channels on YouTube are consistently putting videos out. Some of them even have specific days and times when they release the videos. This builds anticipation.For some it takes weeks, for others months and even years, but they all kept putting videos out regularly and as a result built huge followings and businesses.Consistency is the magic ingredient and what makes or breaks being successful on YouTube. If you do none of the above, at least stick to being consistent in producing videos and I can promise you, you will see your YouTube audience explode.